Do you feel left behind?

Not having the deep pockets of enterprises to acquire costly data for your business advantage?

Since the good old days before computerisation, business have been using data for decision-making. The digital transformation is tapping on the human expertise of how to analyse data, and thereafter transferring these data processing knowledge to robots, increasing reporting speed and reducing human errors. With more businesses going digital, there are more data to what any business can effectively manual process anymore. In fact, many businesses are now admitting that they are using less than 10% of their available data to value-add for the businesses. However, forward-looking businesses have already been over this stage, and are now even reaping benefits from additional new data sources to generate even more business intelligence than before.

At De-Wired, our SMART DataOps platform and services is built to serve the community of growing SMEs with affordable data automation solutions. 

Information Extraction

Public domain information could be now be obtained easily with the convenience of Internet. In fact there is excessive information and machines have been deployed more than a decade ago to help in making relevance of the data, improving accuracy and precision of the extracted data, before even classifying the captured data for future usage.

  • Extracting the Web using Crawler/Spider
  • Extracting a PDF using Data Semantics

Acquiring from Systems

Systems are deployed in business units to aid functional roles increase their efficiency and reduce errors, introduce audit trails. The maturity of Internet-of-Things (IoT) means that new datasets can now be obtained for many business. IoT enables the real-time monitoring, tracking and response to remote activities with physical events.

  • Integrating with Enterprise systems datasets
  • Deploying IoT systems to obtain real-time datasets

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