Connecting the Dots

using Data Science.

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We simplify complex "DataOps" to an automated cloud service.

SMART DataOps platform offers clusters of data management tools on the Cloud, providing businesses with "pick-what-you-need" features on a "scale-as-you-need" cloud infrastructure.

We see DataOps very similar to DevOps, except that the operational tasks are off-loaded to intelligent robots systematically trained by us to do repetitive jobs, with high consistency over and over again. Using Machine Learning techniques, the robots grow-up more intelligently as they process more and more data, very much like any human being as they mature from a kid to adult. Machines are truly capable of life-long learning like any humans if they are given the opportunity to absorb the right skills, before deploying them to work many times faster than any normal humans could!

DATA Life Cycle

In most data flow journey, we recognise 6 common phases for any raw data to be useful to most human beings. The mission of SMART DataOps platform is to provide affordable specialised data automation engines that power robots into more effectively doing repetitive tasks of 'DataOps', as compared to us humans.

  1. Extraction
  2. Cleaning
  3. Classifying
  4. Analytics
  5. Forecasts
  6. Presentment

Challenge 1 - Data Acquisition & Processing

Throughout the age of commerce, every business decision starts with data, and our mission is to ensure extracted data are capable of providing you with the business edge. Most times, we also assist customers to continuously monitor their data pipelines, ensuring reliable and consistent feeds of latest data changes for their timely business response.

The SMART Information Extraction and Disambiguation System( IEDS) serves businesses with the following services:

- Public Internet information extraction
- PDF information extraction
- Internet-of-Things data extraction
- 3rd party Software system data extraction

Clean Data

Clean data is a critical step of data pre-processing that ensures the acquired data can be clearly understood in later processing. As a time-consuming task with the magnitude of often millions of raw data, machines are deployed to automatically filter-out noises in raw data to structured data for machine-learning.

Classify Data

Data classifying intelligently understands the data meanings using Artificial Intelligence (AI), adding along domain knowledge by experts, to eventually generate real meaningful data. Combining AI with today’s powerful machine capabilities, relevant business data can be generated in a tiny fraction of an otherwise painful manual human processing.

Challenge 2 - Data Science

With availability of relevant data, Data Science can now transform your business to the next level. This research field has been on-going for a few decades, so to successfully implement these 'old and tested tricks' for your business domain is the critical challenge. Most AI services deployed today are still living in some form of rules-based algorithms, and there's nothing to hide. We encourage businesses to take their first data automation step with simpler data reports to realise quick business values. In future phases, robots are then trained using machine learning to do complex data analytics and enriching data predictions. 


Analytics is whereby many important and critical business decisions are based upon. The historical data are analysed based on the business objectives, evolving business attributes, generating business intelligence for decision makers in a timely manner.

* Using newer technologies, businesses are now able to generate complex analysis reports in a fraction of time compared to years ago.


Predictions are where the historical data can make a difference. Robots are trained to understand the massive data, discover patterns and correlations, hence forward predicting the probability, using machine processing that's much faster than human brain.

* Would it not be cost-savings if you can predict how many products shall be consumed by your business in this week, this month, quarter, etc.

Challenge 3 - Data Presentment

End-users demand timely, precise and informative data which they can act upon immediately, anywhere, anytime. More importantly, enterprise portals and intuitive 'see-it-all' dashboards with well-thought out UX experiences are expected to be the business norm these days. In short, data presentment expectations have exploded exponentially over the years, it's no longer just 'developing an App' anymore in today’s growing digital economy. 

The SMART Portals and SMART Apps serves businesses to enhance user stickiness to their applications:

  • Data unified portals and mobility apps
  • Consistent cross-platform applications (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Optional advanced UX consultancy service

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