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Portals & Dashboards

Portals integrate data, people, objects and business process across the business boundaries. Data that were once living in silo are brought live to informative, interactive infographics, producing high value reports and pushing of realtime data and analytics results via impactful Dashboards into every level of business, allowing a zero-boundary critical decision making, anytime, anywhere.

  • Modern UI visualization consistent across platforms
  • Fully customisable to suit individual business use case
  • Easy conduit to many third-party systems via the SMART Platform

The SMART Portals (and Dashboards) offers a custom design and consultancy services to SME to realise their full business potential via informative portals and dashboards. Available on the following platforms:

  • WebApps suitable for generic Internet browsers
  • Windows XP and later
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.x and later

Mobility Apps

Businesses are pressured in today’s digital environment to provide timely information to employees for ensuring 24/7 critical events responses, or maintaining superb customer service. The era of dedicated devices for specialized systems is quickly dissolving with the increased processing power of personal mobile devices and widespread adoption of low-cost broadband Internet. Employees are today expecting that everyday applications are accessible from their personal smartphones or tablets too.

As an extension for SMART Portals, the SMART Mobility Apps offers native Apps development services for the best cross-platform end-user experience. Available on the following platforms:

  • Android v4.2 and above
  • iOS v7 and above

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