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Use IoT to monitor and track more data.

Internet of Things (IoT) in the simplest form is about gathering data, connect networked hardware to a cloud service, and enabling end-users to communicate to the hardware using a form of display terminal, anytime and anywhere. The ability to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetise business connected assets and services now becomes the key towards any IoT success story!


“49% said an uncoordinated, siloed approach to IoT is holding them back from moving beyond pilots into revenue generating opportunities”

- Survey conducted by HCL Technologies (HCL) on 8th Feb 2017

SMART Gateway

SMART Gateway is a middleware housed in an edge device (gateway). The distributed computing architecture easily permits deploying thousands of end-devices (nodes) on-premise and remotely. The business logic is easily customised for individual business use cases and deployment scenario, while securely and reliably connected to a public or local cloud.

The SMART Gateway features enterprise reliability with:

  • Reliable Edge Connectivity
  • Securing Hardware-Cloud-Terminal Communications
  • Repeatability in Configuration and System Upgrades
  • Support wired (RJ45) or wireless (Bluetooth BLE and Wi-Fi) downlinks
  • Support wireless (Wi-Fi) or mobile (2G/3G/4G) uplinks
  • Support for New Devices, Protocols, Services, etc.

Various CPU versions are available to support varying local data processing:

  • Ubuntu Linux on ARM chip (eg. Raspberry PI 2/3 or custom Cortex boards)
  • Ubuntu Linux on Intel chip (eg. RTU hardware or similar)
  • Windows on Intel chip (eg. Industrial PC or similar)

Hardware Options

ARM-based Raspberry PI

Intel-based Industrial PC

SMART Services

Vital data streams from critical devices are often consumed by operational processes which generally involves some form of business operations applied to them. Workflow engines may be applied to user-centric approval processes. Data mining and further analysis may be applied to the cumulative data which ultimately yields patterns critical for regression as well as forecasting.

Learn how to integrate IoT into your data gathering workflow.

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