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The e-Commerce growth has shifted to Asia. Added with the evolution of cross-border trading, large and small brands are taking advantage of the 'dropshipping' concept globally. The speed and agile ability of sellers being able to cope with the increasing competition is scaling fast, but many sellers are limited by resources constraint. 

The SMART Information Extraction and Disambiguation System (IEDS) for e-Commerce starts with a product inventory database, whereby products' detailed information are uploaded for sharing among multiple sellers. Sellers can also exploit the SMART IEDS to quickly curate new product items, and post to multiple shopping carts. All these basic e-Commerce services are affordable at an extremely affordable monthly retainer package.

  • "Pay-as-you-use" with a scalable enterprise shopping cart solution based on Magento
  • Up to 90% of time-savings automating product information extraction
  • Up to 90% of time-savings maintaining multiple marketplaces

With the SMART IEDS, new product information are now accurately and intelligently curated from the public domain, and constantly monitored for future relevance. These information are useful for sellers, product managers, marketing managers to capitalise on the understanding of market changing conditions, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

  • Industry price index and related reports
  • Continuous market price monitoring and inventory predictions

To serve larger businesses, SMART IEDS can be deployed as a private cloud or on-premise service containing specific purpose custom-made machine learning algorithm to boast their business competitive edge.

Learn how SMART IEDS can escalate the growth of your e-Commerce business.

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Case Study: Product information extraction for 200 SKU

Our experience tells us that any human manually curating product content, description and images for one product SKU takes approximately 5-15mins before a seller can even post to one shopping cart. With just 200 SKUs, sellers can save easily 30hrs with SMART IEDS's information extraction engine. Imagine an up and coming e-Commerce seller having to handle 5,000 SKUs, or even 500,000 SKUs which is impossible unless using robots.

The SMART IEDS profiler engine thereafter enables the acquired product data to be easily and accurately re-purposed, say for uploading into 3rd party shopping carts, creating product advertising and promotions, etc. Product information are structurally formatted depending on the target's objective context, ensuring a consistent presentment of thousands of products without any humans' errors and inconsistent handling.

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